On February 19, 20 and 21, Neal Auction Company will hold their Winter Estates sale. As well as impressive jewelry, furniture, decorative arts and more, works by George Rodrigue and Jane Peterson are expected to excite bidders.

Jane Peterson , Tiger Lilies Jane Peterson , Tiger Lilies

Jane Peterson, set out to travel the globe alone, which was uncommon for a woman to do during the early to mid 20th century. On her travels she painted street scenes, urban and natural vistas, and bold, avant-garde compositions of flowers, such as this depiction of Tiger Lilies. Peterson associated with and drew influence from the artistic luminaries of the 20th century, attending Gertrude Stein's famous salons while living in Paris and traveling with Louis Comfort Tiffany, Maurice Prendergast, and Childe Hassam. Peterson is perhaps best known for her paintings of flowers. She even wrote an instructional book entitled Flower Painting, 1946. She is quoted as saying, "I paint flowers because they are my friends and I love them. They have personalities just as animals, birds and people (do), and are very sensitive to kindness, attention and to their surroundings."

43613674_2_l George Rodrigue, Hot Dog for a Cool Day, 1992,



Rodrigue began his Blue Dog series early on in his career as an approach to the dilemma of turning the strictly two-dimensional image of the Blue Dog into a three-dimensional sculpture. By 1992, the artist had created prototypes consisting of flat cut-outs of wood, usually mahogany, and painted as if they were canvas. In Hot Dog for a Cool Day, we can see how he he occasionally surrounded these pieces with neon or added other familiar elements to the shape, such as the hot dog which is depicted here. The effect is not all that different from a Blue Dog painting on the wall. This early sculpture is a whimsical and rare window into Rodrigue's artistic evolution to his later, fully-realized three-dimensional Blue Dog sculptures.

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