The bronze is number 3 of only 6 made and it has been cast directly from the plaster taken from the statue of Sir Winston in Parliament Square. The work has been produced in association with the artist’s estate and is the only example to be found on the market, now or in the near future, a true piece of 20th Century British history.

blog.php-360 Sworders' Guy Schooling with the Churchill bust

In 1964, Robert-Jones received his first full-scale commission to create a sculpture of Bohemian British painter Augustus John. Robert-Jones completed the sculpture  in 1967 with critics praising his work, which led to Robert-Jones being elected as an Associate of the Royal Academy.

In 1971, Robert-Jones was commissioned to produce the full-length statue of Winston Churchill which now stands in London's Parliament Square. It is located where Churchill reportedly said to David Eccles, who at the time was the Minister of Works, in the 1950's this is "where my statue will go" as Eccles showed Churchill the redevelopment plans for Parliament Square.

blog.php-361 The statue of Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament Square, Westminster

The bust and the statue in Parliament Square portray Churchill wearing a military greatcoat and carrying a walking stick.

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