The sale features 70 lots with pieces by renowned artists such as Michele Oka Doner, Jun Kaneko, Betty Woodman, and Michael Lucero.

164875 Picasso's Chouette Madoura Owl

Picasso's Chouette Madoura Owl which was made in 1969 is estimated to fetch between $20 000-30 000. Also to be included will be a Madoura Plate which is expected to bring $5 000-7 000.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 16.54.48 Michele Oka Doner

It is not just Picasso that ceramic enthusiasts should look out for, also going under the gavel will be a set of eleven sculptures crafted by Michele Oka Doner which has an estimate of $80 000 - 100 000. Doner is best known for her bronze works which have been on show at New York's Marlborough Gallery.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 16.55.24 Jun Kaneko's Dango

Ceramicist Jun Kaneko's piece entitled Dango is to feature. Kaneko is known for its color, pattern, and scale, has been included in more than seventy museum collections. Recently, Kaneko has been a production designer for opera including Mozart's Magic Flute for the San Francisco Opera as well as many productions in many other cities. Kaneko's work has great influence nationwide and Kaneko is now based out of Omaha.

154401 A Luscious Pillow Pitcher by Betty Woodman

A Luscious Pillow Pitcher by Betty Woodman is estimated to sell for $8 000-12 000. Beginning her career in the 1950s as a production potter with the aim of creating beautiful objects to enhance everyday life, Woodman is recognized internationally as one of today's most important American artists.

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