000040 On this blog, we've previously turned the focus on Danish and Korean contemporary photography. We're really all about diversity and personally, we love exhibitions that bring forward non-western artists and overlooked art scenes. Recently having taken a dive into the Chinese contemporary art scene, I reckoned I'd share a few works by some notable young talents, many of which address notions of norms, identity and sexuality in their respective practices. With the rapidly changing Chinese society in the light of globalization, China is particularly interesting. In the past year, one of our current favorites, Ren Hang, has gained well-merited publicity internationally for his inventive and sexually charged photography. We're super excited about Ren participating in a group show, Yesterday we wanted to be the sky, which we're curating at Kamarade in Stockholm later this year.

Ren Hang 


2012 21

 223 (aka Lin Zhi Peng)  


Wanton Whites


Vivi is Curling up in bed

Jiang Zhi 

Sucker1997-2 All works from the Sucker series


Sucker 12

Jiang Pengyi