On June 27, Paris' DIGARD AUCTION will host a dedicated street art sale with works from the biggest names in urban art from Europe and America including Invader, Nick Walker, Shepard Fairey, Futura 2000 and Banksy.

Mark Jenkins, Kneeling Jenkins Head in Wall, 2011 Mark Jenkins, Kneeling Jenkins Head in Wall, 2011

115-2 Colorz, Untitled, 2012

5-2 Jérôme Mesnager, Rue Eugénie Cotton, 2012

42 Banksy, Silkscreen printed in colours, 2005, signed and dated in pencil lower right, numbered 11/350

43 Shepard Fairey, Peace and Freedom Dove, 2014

Mark Jenkins, Kneeling Jenkins Head in Wall, 2011

36 Nick Walker, Paint Chucker, 2008

56 Futura 2000, Untitled, 1988

As well as this sale which is sure to attract global attention, on June 25, a live painting event will take place with the street art crew TPK/UV performing during the  weekend.

In recent history, street art 'crews' were originally formed amongst artists who shared the same artistic and cultural style and influences.

Each crew has its own identity and mission, most with a particular political stance. Street names, or 'tags,' which are often one word such as ''Blaze'' are used to identify a particular artist or crew.

As well as identifying artists, tags can also be used to date a work. It is believed by street art specialists that, although crews take less dominance on the street art scene, that they do still exist and continue to create works today.

Check out DIGARD AUCTION's catalog here.