Rumors about Banksy's arrest spread like wildfire on the Internet in the beginning of this week. Although they were disproved quickly, the artist has further proved that his identity is still very much a secret by painting a large mural in Bristol. The piece is a take on Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, except this version features an outdoor security alarm in lieu of a pearl earring.

BANKSY. Girl With a Pierced Eardrum, 2014. BANKSY. Girl With a Pierced Eardrum, 2014. Photo via The Independant

However, Girl with a Pierced Eardrum was not long for this world and just a few hours after it appeared vandals defaced it by splattering black paint over it. This is not the first time that Banksy causes a stir in Bristol, earlier this year he painted the door of a youth club. The piece, Mobile Lovers, was the root of a disagreement but not because of any vandalism charges but rather over who owned the door. The owner of the youth club wanted to sell it in order to keep his club open, but the Bristol City Council claimed it was their property. The dispute was finally settled after a letter from Banksy was delivered, stating that the youth club could keep it.

The owner sold the piece to a private collection for $646,654 (£403,000) and was able to keep the club open.

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Stora via The Independent