brooklyn-street-art-maya-hayuk-martha-cooper-wynwood-walls-2013-miami-web-2 Maya Hayuk
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Last year, Starbucks contacted Hayuk through the advertising agency 72andsunny regarding using her artwork as part of the promotion of the new Mini Frappuccino, according the the artist.

27503c6242bb48cb933594af6a9ec00c Frappuccino advertising campaign
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Due to a non-disclosure agreement, Hayuk is unable to discuss her conversations with Starbucks further, she has admitted to declining the offer.

The artist's lawyer, Aaron Silverstein, stated to the New York Post: "Starbucks brazenly created artwork that is substantially similar to one or more of Hayuk's copyrighted works and used the substantially similar art for the Frappuccino campaign."

"The Frappuccino Campaign is essentially identical to the Starbucks campaign 72andSunny proposed to Hayuk."

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Hayuk also refers to Starbuck's $2 billion made from the annual sales of Frappuccinos.  Hayuk is aiming for an an injunction against the advertisement of the Mini Frappuccino, damages up to $150,000 as well as a share of the Mini Frappuccino profits.

d3d3045d8cf8486496a4b523428cd754 Frappuccino advertising campaign
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Starbuck's in-house artist Jordan Kay is reported to have designed the artwork.

Hayuk has also sued the design house Coach for featuring a mural of hers in New York in their adverts without her prior permission.