Man Ray, Magnolia Flower (1926) Est. $38000-$64500. Man Ray, Magnolia Flower (1926) Est. $38.000-$64.500.

The Sotheby's sale, to be held in Paris in November, consists of 400 objects from the home and studio of American artist Man Ray. The artist, who spent the larger part of his life in Paris, left behind a large collection of photographs, paintings, drawings and film – in full the sale is an encompassing presentation of Man Ray's broad artistry.

Man Ray, Ce que manque á nous tous, Est. $32.300-45.200. Man Ray, Ce que manque á nous tous, Est. $32.300-45.200.

Highlights in the sale include the breathtaking photograph Magnolia Flower (1926) estimated to sell between $38.000-$64.500, surrealist objects such as Ce que manque à nous tous, a clay-pipe with a glass bubble with an estimate of $32.300-45.200 and a delightful collection of portraits of contemporary luminaries of the 20's and 30's including artists, authors, composers and portraits of the artist himself.
Many of the lots are previously unseen by the public, we can't wait to see what marvels await!

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