The lot which had a $100 000 estimate had been withdrawn from the sale. Young Girl with a Serpent, circa 1885, will be up for auction after an art recovery service settled the case.

Rodin-586x1024 Auguste Rodin, Young Girl with a Serpent, circa 1885
Image via Christie's

In 1991 the Beverly Hills home was broken in to and the Rodin was amongst the thieves loot. It had been reported the thieves heard about the collection following the homeowners' housekeeper revealing the contents of the house, who eventually sold the thieves a copy of the house key for $5 000.

The thieves stole more than $1 million worth of jewelry, art and other valuables from the home. The housekeeper was arrested but the thieves and the other stolen pieces from the home are yet to be found.

In 2011, the Rodin statue was consigned to Christie's, New York, and was sent to London to be put up for auction. On discovering it was stolen, Christie's withdrew the lot.

A settlement over three years in the making was made and the piece was given back to the original owners. The Rodin will be consigned again to be sold this year.

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