The artist known as Plastic Jesus installed a life-size Oscar statue on Hollywood Boulevard that has caused quite a bit of controversy since the statue is on all fours snorting cocaine. The artist created a similar statue last year where the Oscar was injecting itself with heroin, which was a comment on the Hollywood's dark underbelly. The statue was erected only a few weeks after the 2014 Academy Awards Philip Seymor Hoffman died of a heroin overdose.

Plastic Jesus' Oscars statue on Hollywood Boulevard Plastic Jesus "Hollywoods Best Party" Oscars statue on Hollywood Boulevard

This year's statue was placed in front of Elvis Presley's star on Hollywood Boulevard. The compromising position that the iconic statue finds itself in brings up the issues of substance abuse in the movie industry, emblazoned across the base is ''Hollywood's Best Party.''

The artist said of the piece: "The war on drugs isn't working. I don't want to say we should legalize all drugs, but something needs to change."

"People aren't getting the help they need."

The piece was taken down after spending only five hours on the red carpet because Plastic Jesus feared that it would be vandalized.

Plastic Jesus is a former photojournalist who moved from London to Los Angeles to use art as socio-political commentary. In 2013 he created a piece of street art that portrays Lance Armstrong cycling whilst attached to an IV bag.

The statue is set to be displayed at LAB ART, L.A.'s street art gallery, alongside last year's Oscar, which is currently on sale for $25,000.

Plastic Jesus' next project will focus on debt and bank lending in the United States.