The act happened in Perez Art Museum, Miami on Sunday and occured as a result of Caminero's outrage at what he felt was the museum's failure to exhibit local artists' work. Caminero picked up the coloured vase, which was part of a floor installation, and when asked to put it down, smashed the £600,000 piece. He later claimed he 'did it for all local artists in Miami that have never been shown in museums' in Miami. Further expressing his disgust at the 'many millions' spent on international artists. Ironically, Caminero was inspired to smash the vase by the themes expressed in Weiwei's work.

Ai Weiwei stated that he did not support artists destroying each other's work. Mr Weiwei was detained in 2011 for dissent and has since had an antagonistic relationship with the Chinese authorities. His work has never been shown in China, Weiwei commented 'I still don't have a chance to show my work in China or Beijing. I never even think of going to a museum in Beijing to protest - if I (did), I would be punished.' The exhibition is on until mid-March.