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The über cool Laurie Simmons has created a special edition of monochrome works, Lying Guns, which is currently being auctioned on Paddle8. All proceeds will benefit New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, a project with the mission to "reduce gun violence through legislative advocacy and education designed to encourage action, influence public opinion and lead to policy change".  My personal views on U.S gun laws I'll leave unsaid (goes without saying anyway...) but hats off to Laurie Simmons. As we didn't love her already.

48480-1418166360-Lying Gun Brown-xl

If I had X amount of USD to my disposal right now, I'd get all of them. I mean; how freakin' cool?! I love that the prints really have Laurie Simmons written all over them with the doll legs sticking out underneath the gun. Laurie Simmons's practice as you probably now, is characterized by her meticulous mise-en-scène photography of dolls and dollhouses ranging from miniatures to human-sized silicon replicas of women. The auction runs through December 24 - place your bids!

For more information about Laurie Simmons's work, please visit her website.

48501-1418238679-Lying Gun Blue-xl

48503-1418310816-Lying Gun Orange 2-xl

48482-1418166653-Lying Gun Green-xl


48478-1418166099-Lying Gun Red-xl

48479-1418166220-Lying Gun Yellow-large