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A very promising emerging photographer that we've been following for a while now is the Swedish social media sensation and immense talent that is Lina Scheynius. Scheynius's work, just vaguely reminiscent of Francesca Woodman's iconic 70's snaps, springs from herself and her most beloved; family, friends, boyfriends...  It's just as intimate as it's fascinating. And just like Woodman, Lina very often puts herself in front of the lens as the subject of her work. I just love that fine blend of delicate, ethereal, sleazy and intimate which I often find myself looking for. To me, her work really embodies and epitomizes that feeling of "I l o v e  y o u, don't ever fucking let go".


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What's also interesting about Scheynius is that she's more or less self-taught having been snapping away ever since she was given a camera on her 10th birthday. A few years ago, she was signed by an agent as the result of a noted Flickr account. Her first assignment? Shooting the Charlotte Rampling (!) for Dazed & Confused. How cool?! Lina is based in London since a few years and represented by Christope Guye Galerie (that also represents luminaries like Michael Wolf and Daido Moriyama). Lina also keeps herself busy by self-publishing her own work in monographs – six volumes to date. They're absolutely stunning and available for purchase through her website.



For those who are interested to find out more about Lina's work, I'd recommend checking out her beautiful Tumblr or Instagram account @linascheynius





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