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Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of visiting the studio of Helena Blomqvist to pen a little feature for our very own online journal about contemporary art, C-print. The name might not ring a bell for most of you (just yet), but Helena is one of the absolute frontrunners of contemporary Swedish photography with a very distinctive aesthetic.

Her work is dream-like and surreal, with children and animals recurring throughout her body of work. It's all very fable-like, really. What also characterizes Helena's practice is how extremely meticulous and time-consuming it is. For the untrained eye, it might appear more "digital" than it really is. In fact, Helena mostly works analogue and her work is surprisingly hands-on. A great deal of her time is actually spent on finding the right props and creating set design which she mostly does herself and sometimes with the aid of her artist husband Jonas Brandin who creates some of the puppets she works with.

Also, what I really appreciate about her work, although by no means lacking of depth, is its wide appeal. It's an imagery most people can relate to and hence find easy taking to heart.

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Helena has been widely exhibited around Sweden and last presented a sublime solo exhibition in Stockholm titled 'Slumberland' in which her son (quite the talent that guy!) plays the lead. My visit in the studio which is housed inside her lovely apartment in the creative (very hipster-densed!) hub of Södermalm literally lasted for hours. By the end of it, I even found myself directing Helena in a little photo shoot of my own. Turning the lens towards the photographer! We've met a few times before and I'm always amazed by how humble she is.

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If you'd like to find out more about Helena's work, visit her website and feel free to read the feature, 'The Master of all puppets' on C-print.se. The beautiful studio images were exclusively shot for C-print by Helena herself (ever grateful!).