The other day, we wrote a little tribute to Russian born NYC-based artist and activist Slava Mogutin here on the blog. We just had the great honor to publish an interview with Slava on for which he generously contributed with a portfolio of some previous works. I'm in love with these so I thought I'd share some of them on here as well. For more information on Slava Mogutin and SUPERM, his collaborative multimedia project with artist and long-term partner Brian Kenny, please visit:


Slava_Mogutin_Sander_Stomped_2004 Slava_Mogutin_Godzilla_2004 Slava_Mogutin_Independence_Day_Parade_2004 Slava_Mogutin_Chertanovo_Snow_2000 Slava_Mogutin_Sneaker_Sniffer_2003