At times artists will appear to mind whose legacy you feel the world could very well do with a reminder of. Such would be the case with late Jimmy DeSana who when passing away at 40 in 1990 had emerged as a fixture in the downtown art punk scene of pre-gentrification NYC. His visually inventive aesthetic applied to photography easily brings the ingenious work of French avant-garde fashion photographer Guy Bourdin to mind who like Jimmy DeSana represented a tour de force of colours, eroticism as well as humour. A bit of a stretch yes, but visually a certain kinship also finds itself between him and Francesca Woodman and Robert Mapplethorpe. Well, with a stretch of the imagination Jimmy DeSana's work is easily discofied and glammed-up Mapplethorpe. Many references at once, but there's also our big favourite, Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen who enters the mind as far as also creatively using the human body and physique to create shapes and visual patterns for the lense.

Interestingly Jimmy DeSana was a long-time friend of Laurie Simmons (who you will know as Lena Dunham's mother) and met him back in the '70s and also at one point shared a flat with him where they each set up a studio. In fact, she has graciously credited Jimmy DeSana as the person from whom she learnt everything she knows about photography. Today she is also the executor of his estate which is represented by Salon94 which is also the gallery representing her.



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