Here at Barnebys, we have picked a selection from photography giants Helmut Newton, Horst P. Horst and Man Ray, all of which will be included in Aste Bolaffi's sale on May 17.

blog.php-330 HORST P. HORST (1906-1999) - Elsa Schiaparelli, Paris, 1936.

Once referred to by Balenciaga as the 'only true artist in fashion,' Elsa Schiaparelli is remembered for her daring designs. Along with rival Coco Chanel, she was one of the most important designers in fashion between World War I and II.

One collection she is best remembered for is her 1938 'Circus Collection', which daring, innovative and shocking, with many of the pieces drawing inspiration from the Surrealist movement, influenced particularly by her close friend Salvador Dali.

MAN RAY (1890-1976) - The Maharajah and the Maharani of Indore, ca. 1930 MAN RAY (1890-1976) - The Maharajah and the Maharani of Indore, ca. 1930

During the 1930's, The Maharajah and the Maharani of Indore were known the world over for their cosmopolitan lifestyle. The young royal couple were drawn to Europe and America; which outraged some of the Indore community who believed they should spend more time in their homeland.

The couple shared a great love for Europe, so much so that in 1930 they commissioned a German architect to create the Art Moderne palace in Manik Bagh. European art and design giants including Ruhlmann and Le Corbusier were involved with the project.

Sadly, Maharani Sanyogita passed away at just 23 years old, leaving the Maharajah widowed with a young daughter. He went on to marry two more women during his lifetime, both of which were American divorcées.

PATRICK DEMARCHELIER (1943) - Paul Newman, New York, 1990 PATRICK DEMARCHELIER (1943) - Paul Newman, New York, 1990

In September 2008, Hollywood lost one of their brightest stars. In the 1950's, an ambitious Paul Newman, who had dreams of working in the performing arts, was scouted in Connecticut by New York agents. During that decade he went on to work on the small screen and lost out to James Dean for the lead role in East of Eden. Tinged with sadness, in 1956, following Dean's sudden death, Dean's role as boxer Rocky Graziano in Somebody Up There Likes Me was given to Newman. His performance was a triumph, and the blue-eyed boy had earned his place in history as one of Hollywood's greatest.

KARL LAGERFELD (2938) - Selfportrait with frame, ca. 1980 KARL LAGERFELD (2938) - Selfportrait with frame, ca. 1980

Karl Lagerfeld is synonymous with fashion. Head designer and creative director of Chanel and Fendi, as well has having his own label, Lagerfeld's catwalk creations are a highlight of any fashion week. In the 1920's, Coco Chanel designed the classic 2.55 bag. Lagerfeld has elevated the fascination surrounding Chanel bags to create special pieces for the runway, with designs ranging from bags in the shape of Lego, milk cartons and petrol tanks.

Helmut Newton (1920-2004) - Cyberwomen Series 6, 2000 Helmut Newton (1920-2004) - Cyberwomen Series 6, 2000

In the late 20th century, Helmut Newton was a key figure in bringing the nude figure to the forefront of society, in the way he believed it should be: unashamed and open. His nude works, some may argue air on the side of pornography, whilst others argue are semi-erotic. However you choose to view Newton's work, his photography graced the pages of Vogue throughout the last century, cementing his place in history as one of the 20th century's most important photographers.

MARC RIBOUD (*1923) - Washington, 1967 MARC RIBOUD (*1923) - Washington, 1967

On October 21, 1967, Marc Riboud photographed anti-war protestors in Washington D.C., where he captured one of the most iconic anti-war pictures of the decade. The girl in the photograph is Jan Rose Kasmir, who Riboud described as: ''She was just talking, trying to catch the eye of the soldiers, maybe trying to have a dialogue with them. I had the feeling the soldiers were more afraid of her than she was of the bayonets.''

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