frisson__001 From Berber Theunissen's series
'Frisson; a shiver of pleasure'

A while ago, my brother and I called the attention of young emerging photographers to have their work showcased on, an online journal we run together about contemporary art based here in Stockholm. Since launching the site - in fact it just turned a year! - we've had tons of artist portfolios and requests sent to us over the year. As flattering as it is and as much as we love showcasing interesting artwork and especially of young talents, there's sadly just not enough time. C-print really is a labour of love which was born of a desire to popularize contemporary art in the same fashion as some other artistic fields and to highlight a diversity in artistic expression. We identified a lack of such forums as some of the existing ones were rather bound by tradition and focused on critical reviewing.

yl2 From Yasmine Laraqui's series 'Sans Degré' (2011-2012)

Anyway, we figured it would be neat to showcase a little selection of our favorite works by some of these young photographers in a special feature. We narrowed it down to four and are very pleased to present the work of Yasmine Laraqui (NYC), Berber Theunissen (Amsterdam), Matthew Brooks (Montréal) and Andrew Bruce (London) on Feel free to have a look if you have a moment. And also, if you're in need of a daily art fix; do check us out on @cprintjournal on Instagram.

945c4f_3c428f77e6c74c66a3b2c6cf5a0fa2c2 'Dollarama' (2014) by Matthew Brooks.

Trees.tif Astral (2013) by Andrew Bruce

945c4f_e471d57e217b426e801b58f8a974fd1d From Berber Theunissen's 'Frisson' series

945c4f_47082901493742249a1d6a159ebff5c1 'Birds in flight (3)' and 'Birds in flight (1)' by Andrew Bruce.

945c4f_85121ae8a09349bf80a7d628f3695855-2 'Front porch at Nora’s house, Winnipeg, MB' (2014) by Matthew Brooks

'After the Show' (2012) by Yasmine Laraqui 'After the Show' (2012) by Yasmine Laraqui