In 1977, members of staff at New York's George Eastman House, which houses arguably America's best photography collection, began a project for which they asked artists to contribute photographs for a cookbook. Now, almost 40 years on, the fruits of their labour have been compiled in The Photographer's Cookbook.

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Today, food photography is considered a great, if not underestimated, art form. To capture something perishable at its most beautiful is no mean feat. Cookbooks before 1977 were illustrated, now, recipe pages are adorned with photographs of everything from glossy pastas, to vibrant sushi and cakes iced as intricately as any Delaunay geometric.

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The recipes in The Photographer's Cookbook, include Ansel Adams’ Poached Eggs in Beer, Stephen Shore’s Key Lime Pie Supreme, and Ed Ruscha’s Cactus Omelet. And not a #foodporn in sight.

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