One half of us just got back from the lovely city that is Copenhagen. It's really the perfect weekend getaway; relaxed (really less uptight than its big sister in the north), excellent in terms of cuisine, very design forwarded and easy getting around. The Danes not only excel in export-worthy crime shows and progressive cinema but there's also a pretty active art scene with great institutions and contemporary art galleries of which most are located in Kodbyen (aka the Meatpacking District of CPH) in the hip area of Vesterbro. Aside from being home to some stellar galleries (with to-die-for spaces where traces of former businesses have been kept) like the edgy V1 Gallery and Bo Bjergaard, Kodbyen also offers some really cool bars and fine culinary establishments. Unlike MPD in NYC, there's still some meaty activity going on in the area. While bar hopping from one hipster joint to another, you might in fact catch some trucks pulling in to the loading docks.

In terms of contemporary photography, there are quite a few photographers that we love and some recent discoveries worthy of highlighting. We present to you the Danish Eye - a online exhibition featuring Astrid Kruse Jensen, Nicolai Howalt, Trine Sondergaard, Fryd Frydendahl and Jacob Holdt.

 Astrid Kruse Jensen


Within the landscape #16


Bus Stop from the series Imaginary Realities

Nicolai Howalt 


Car Crash Studies Interior #1 


Boxer #20 

Trine Sondergaard


Monochrome Portrait #28 


Now that you are mine #22 

Fryd Frydendahl 



Both works from Fryde's ongoing Nephews series.

Jacob Holdt



Both works from Jacob's American Pictures series.