blog.php-1457 Allan Ballard, Bob Marley (1977)

In these candid photographs, Allan Ballard captured music legend Bob Marley 1977 in London. Marley had just finished the European leg of his Exodus tour. The tour, which was cancelled in the U.S., would later be remembered as Marley's international breakthrough, with the Exodus album named the Greatest Album of the Century by TIME Magazine in 2000.


Left: Osvaldo Salas, Fidel Castro (1975)

Right: Osvaldo Salas, Fidel Castro en la ONU (1960)

Osvaldo Salas was an important photographer when it came to documenting the Cuban revolution. He later became the official photographer of President Fidel Castro, accompanying him at the UNO General Assembly in 1960.


Left: Nobuyoshi Araki, Untitled (2000)

Right: Nobuyoshi Araki, Untitled (2000)

One of the most controversial photographers of the 20th and 21st century, Nobuyoshi Araki pushes the boundaries by blurring the lines between eroticism and Japanese culture. He has even been censored in his homeland and around the world, for his images which feature nude subject, often in bondage situations.


Left: Leo Matiz, Santa Maria Magdalena, Colombia (1950)

Right: Leo Matiz,  Lamas in Cusco, Peru (1949)

From Japan to South America and Mexico, Leo Matiz's works are inspired by the history, architecture and landscape of these lands. The photographer's Bogotá gallery was the first to exhibit the work of fellow Colombian Fernando Botero.


Left: Philippe Halsmann, Mode, circa 1950

Right: Philippe Halsmann, Dance, circa 1950

No rundown of photography masters is complete without Philippe Halsmann. His life's work was to make the mundane magical with movement playing an important part in his oeuvre.

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