ray-riley Ray Riley with his suspected Polke find
Image via ABC News

Texan Ray Riley believes that the artwork he purchased for as little as $90 is in fact an original Sigmar Polke piece. Riley bought the piece at Houston's Guild Shop. Ray removed the frame to reveal a ''S Polke'' signature.

Sigmar Polke Image via britannica.com Sigmar Polke
Image via britannica.com

If indeed it is a real Polke, it could prove to be a great investment, as in the spring of this year new records were set for the artist at auction as a Polke work sold for $27.1 million at Sotheby's.

polke ''Polke'' detail
Image via ABC News

In an interview with ABC News, Riley said: "I got very nervous and started trembling. I ended up hiding the painting for a couple weeks."

Watch this space if the Polke hits the auction block!