_97007582_baconoilepa28may16 Spanish police photo, May 2016

The paintings in questions were stolen from friend of the artist José Capelo's Madrid home. Bacon passed away in Madrid in 1992 at the age of 82.

The robbery occurred whilst Capelo was in London. Thieves broke in and stole a safe, as well as the painting, which contained precious jewels. A London specialist team had been given a tip-off by someone in Sitges, and then advised Spanish police of an email that could contain evidence of the paintings location and the burglars.

An email was sent to the London team containing a photograph which included Bacon's signature on what appeared to be one of the stolen artworks. The image was taken after the burglary had happened. Police identified the camera used to take the image, tracing the professional photographer and the suspects.

Seven arrests were made last May in Madrid and three more in January 2017.