In a warehouse in Bywater, stands a work of art by street artist Banksy. The works portraits two National Guardsmen stealing a television and boom box.


The stencil and spray paint piece had originally been executed in 2008, when Banksy visited New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Since then, the work had been covered over with graffiti.

The property developer for the building, Sean Cummings, removed the ''vandalised'' Banksy wall and replaced it. He then made it his mission to restore the piece, believing it to be an important part of New Orleans' contemporary art.

The piece has remained in private, until now. The work, which has been conserved, has been revealed as part of Prospect New Orleans, the triennial art exhibition. The work will be revealed to the public along with a viewing of Colin Day's documentary ''Saving Banksy'' as well as a panel discussion.