Influenced by the subliminal qualities of Josef Albers, who, along with Conrad Marca-Relli taught Stanczak at Yale along, the artist's work features geometric structures and logical, chromatic combinations of color.

Julian Stanczak, Untitled, Julian Stanczak, Untitled

Born in Poland, Stanczak moved to the US and settled in Ohio in 1950. The artist has lost his arm whilst he was in a Siberian labor camp. He explained in an interview 10 years go: ''My youthful experiences with the atrocities of the Second World War are with me, - but I wanted to forget them and live a “normal” life and adapt into society more fully. In the search for Art, you have to separate what is emotional and what is logical. I did not want to be bombarded daily by the past, - I looked for anonymity of actions through non-referential, abstract art.''


The Op Art movement of the 1960s, although often associated with Victor Vasarely was named after Stanczak's first solo show, Julian Stanczak: Optical Paintings, which was held at the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York in 1964. The next year, MoMA held The Responsive Eye exhibition, focusing on Stanczak and other such artists whose works embodied this new movement.

In Gray's Spring auction Julian Stanczak's work Untitled will be going under the gavel. Check out more here.