For decades Waddington's had conducted bi-weekly auctions of furniture and art, with their best pieces taking center stage in the gallery's front window. As the popularity of the 'affordable art auction' grew, it became obvious to the Waddington's team that it was time to create a stand-alone event.  Launched in 1999 and offered every month as a live evening auction, Waddington’s created a stronger market for both consignors and buyers. Considered not just a great opportunity for collectors, it was also a social event; the auctioneers amidst the crowd working their way around the gallery perimeter, with bidders literally taking their purchases 'off the wall’'as the auction progressed. And so the name stuck.

Lot282_Morrisseau Norval Morrisseau, Men Talk About the Power of the Thunderbird, 1981

Lot283_Morrisseau Norval Morrisseau, Christian Native, circa 1974

From August 26 – 31, 350 works of art by Canadian, American, Dutch, French, Hungarian and Japanese artists, ranging in price from a low estimate of $80 to $9 000 (CDN) will be going under the virtual gavel. At the top of the range are two acrylic on canvas paintings by renowned, Indigenous Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau. Men Talk About the Power of the Thunderbird, dated '81, is estimated at $7 000 - 9 000; and Christian Native, circa 1974, is also estimated at $7 000 - 9 000. Arguably one of Canada’s most identifiable artists - whose style generated scores of followers - works by Morrisseau are always highly sought after.