069G0039.00_04_35_04.Still010_t700 Enrique Chiu

The Guinness Book of World Records states that the current record is held by a mural in Pueblo Levee, Colorado, that measures two miles long and is 58 feet in height.

Artist Chiu plans to create the mural on President Trump's proposed US-Mexico border wall, which is planned to stretch across almost 2 000 miles. Chiu is currently working on a project on the existing border wall.

Chiu and to date 2 300 visitors from around the world created artworks on the border wall. The Mexican artist has also painted a mural on the La Casa del Tunel, which was once a cover for a tunnel used for narcotrafficking.

Last week the House of Representatives approved $790 billion on spending bills, which included $1.57 billion for the border wall. The spending package will now be put forward to the Senate, which will need Democratic votes in order to be passed.