Situated against the barrier wall which separates Israel from the Palestinian territories, the hotel-come-protesr-gallery is the British street artist's answer to showing what a world of borders and walls can to do a society.

''Walls are hot right now, but I was into them long before Trump made it cool,'' the artist said in a statement.

This hotel is a continuation of when a decade ago Banksy left a series of paintings on the barrier that made it become a tourist spot.

In Banksy's signature dystopian style, the hotel has undertones of British colonial style, complete with tea-room and gentlemen's club.

Banksy hearts NYC


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Back in October 2014, Banksy took residence in New York City, releasing a string of works across the city. Works included The Grim Reaper in a bumper car at Houston and Elizabeth street and a Cinderblock replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza replica in Willetts Point, Queens. Banksy also joined forces with Brazilian street artist Os Gêmeos for a series of works around the city.

Dare to step inside Banksy's 'Dismaland'

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In August 2015, in the U.K. seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, Banksy created the world's freakiest funfair. Drone-like staff wearing neon pink safety vests with the word 'dismal' emblazoned across the back welcomed fairgoers inside to take a spin on a horse a meat merry-go-round and an array of dull games.

Days before Dismaland was closed, Pussy Riot Club released a video entitled ''Refugees In'' which featured the caged band alongside riot police.



Months later, in December 2015, Banksy left his mark on the Calais ''Jungle'' migrant camp, when an artwork appeared on the wall of the camp depicting the late Steve Jobs, with a black bin bag and an original Apple computer in his hand. The work highlighted Jobs' ancestry, as he was the son of a Syrian migrant who fled to America following the second world war.