From January 9 to 31, Neff will present Suspended Forest at Queens' Knockdown Center. The piece is a hanging sculpture made from trees the artist has recovered from the trash.


According to the Knockdown Center's site, almost 100 million trees are sold in the US and Europe, which are discarded of after the holidays. Neff's pine-filled room at the center will breathe life into the trees and the installation will allow time for the trees to shed their needles ''into halos on the smooth concrete floor below.''

Neff previously unveiled the project, without permission, at the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The installation was shut down, however, now it has moved to a more permanent location, the public will be able to enjoy Neff's innovative piece.

michael-neff-suspended-forest-01-1024x576 Neff's trees at BQE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Image via Art in Odd Places

michael-neff-suspended-forest-03-1024x768 Image via Art in Odd Places