8961149_fpx Image via Mattel/DutchBarbieWorld

The Andy Warhol Foundation have teamed up with toy giant Mattel to launch an Andy Warhol Barbie doll.

The $150 limited edition doll is complete with Warhol's trademark monochrome outfit of striped top, black jeans and leather jacket, sunglasses, and of course Warhol's white nest-like hair.

warhol-barbie1 Image via Mattel

The Barbie, which is influenced by Warhol's 1986 Barbie, Billy Boy painting, is accompanied by paintbrushes, a Polaroid camera and a miniature version of Warhol's Barbie painting.

Barbie Andy Warhol Barbie, Portrait of Billy Boy, 1986

The painting was inspired by 23 year-old Billy Boy, one of Warhol's muses, a jewelry designer who collected Barbie dolls. This very painting of Billy resides in Mattel's Californian headquarters.