In 1504 Michelangelo defined the beauty of the male figure with his most famous work the Statue of David. A century later Peter Paul Rubens, the Flemish painter, defined female beauty with his numerous paintings of nude biblical and mythological women. Capturing the naked human figure continues to challenge artists in the 21st century.

Gray's sale this month will feature a nude which hit the news. The Emperor Has No Balls, a sculpture by artist Joshua ''Ginger'' Monroe is a satirical depiction of a naked Donald Trump. The sculpture is one of the original five the artist claimed to have created.

At the time the statues was erected in Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Cleveland and Los Angeles, a spokesperson told Rolling Stone: ''We started thinking a lot about how dictators and tyrants, all though history, were memorialized through statues."

"Go to any major park in America, you've got some rich white general with a sword.''

1-4YWTY Joshua Monroe (aka Ginger), (20th Century) - The Emperor Has No Balls, 2016
Estimate: $10 000-20 000

Joshua ''Ginger'' Monroe's statue is now part of a Trump art 'dynasty.' In the lead up to the November election, including Illma Gore's Make America Great Again, a work on paper of a naked Trump which took refuge at Mayfair's Maddox gallery before being sold this August was a social media sensation.

James Nicholls, managing director and curator at the gallery, says ''it was an extraordinary experience, the overwhelming response from visitors was positive.''

Artist Saint Hoax has depicted the presidential candidate as both a drag queen and a piece of meat, not to mention the countless street art 'murals.'

5727b934160000e40031d572 Illma Gore, Make America Great Again, sold at Maddox Gallery this year.

Proceeds from the sale of Ginger's work will benefit public art funding in the city of Cleveland Heights.

Trump is in in good company. Fleurs de Mousse by Bulgarian/American artist Ivaylo Gueorgiev is a sensual 21st century parody of a 19th century French poster for bubble bath. Snoflakes DNA Clouds by the British/American artist Breyer P-Orridge presents a cascade of nudes against bright blue sky. Thomas E. Gordon's muscle-men nudes are joined by Portrait of a Nude, an oil by Boardman Robinson which was used as one of the illustrations for the 1921 publication of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass.

As well as the sensational Trump piece, Gray's have much to celebrate. Following the success of their Modern, Contemporary & Conceptual art auction in September with a 90% sell rate, of which 20% sold over estimate, the live and online auction on October 26 will be one to watch, and certainly bid on. Search the full sale here.