The video has been the subject of many parodies, a result of Drake's questionable choice of dance moves. It seems the design for Drake's video has also caused some stirs.

Drake can be seen in the video dancing in several colored light boxes reminiscent Turrell's light installations.

Drake told Rolling Stone magazine in 2014, that he visited the "James Turrell: A Retrospective" at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He posted on his Instagram photographs of him inside the box installations at the exhibition, photographs which now could be snapshots from the Hotline Bling video.

Drake in the video for Hotline Bling Image via GQ Drake in the video for Hotline Bling
Image via GQ

Turrell has denied any creative input for the video from his side, as he released this statement via his attorney at John Silberman Associates, Donn Zaretsky, who shared it on his Art Law Blog in a post titled "What a Time to be Alive":

''What does it say about the rapper—who often catches shade from Internet critics for being "soft" and "emo"—that he would use "Turrell-inspired" artworks in his music video? We suspect such a move isn't going to win him much respect from his fellow celebrity art enthusiasts who would no sooner dance around a fake Turrell works than they would carry a fake Birkin bag.'' Ouch!