From 2016, Weiwei and his film crew spent time in 22 countries that have the largest migrant and refugee populations, capturing the experiences of these groups.

Although at times very controversial in his execution, the artist has been extremely active in terms of the art he has produced in support of refugees and migrants. One work which sent shockwaves around the world in 2016 was his recreation of the photograph of the 3-year-old drowned Syrian child, Alan Kurdi.


''The so-called refugee crisis is a human crisis,'' the artist released in a video statement.

Weiwei worked in Lesbos, Greece, setting up a studio there as well as volunteering at refugee camps. Having been exiled from his native home of China during his career, Weiwei believes he understands the trauma of marginalisation and exclusions refugees and migrants are facing today.

''I have been put in the same kind of situation and it’s very possible it can happen to me again. This is the reality,'' said Weiwei.

Human Flow will be released in summer 2017.