With only three days to go (cray-cray!) and not a single giffy bought yet, I'm feeling just a bit stressed. As usual, I'll have to battle it out with every other last minute shopper on the 23rd. While writing the last post on Laurie Simmons fantastic Lying guns series currently auctioned on Paddle8, I browsed the site and found some fantastic works that would look just great chez nousOh how I would love to find some new artworks neatly wrapped underneath the tree this year. If I'm lucky, I might get some artbooks to satisfy my art needs but you can't blame a guy for dreaming. 

 So dear Santa (love you!), here goes my wish list;

1. Anemone II (2003), Wolfgang Tillmans


Readers of our blog on the Swedish edition of Barnebys will know that Tillmans is an all-time favorite of ours.

2. Tooba Series (2009), Shirin Nishat


Another favourite (a dream list, I told you...) is this work by Iranian-born artist/director Shirin Neshat.

3. Interrupted (2010), Shoja Azari.


Words redundant for this painterly work by Shoja Azari who co-directed the movie gem Women without men alongside Shirin Neshat.

4. Paper Smile (2010), KAWS


I can't tell you how many images from KAWS's solo show at Mary Boone Gallery I was exposed to last year through my Instagram feed but what I can tell for certain is that this smile-inducing abstract print from his SpongeBob series would look pretty darn good in my living room.