Skärmavbild 2014-09-11 kl. 14.48.02 At first glance Coupland's work appears to be Op Art, abstract black dots, as in this detail from The Poet. Photograph: ©Douglas Coupland

The artist Douglas Coupland manages to catch this collective feeling with his optical illusion art. At first the beautifully composed abstract dots are just dots, but suddenly they give you that ahhhh moment when a chill runs down your spine and you realize that you are looking at them, the jumpers.
The former REM front man Michael Stipe commented on Coupland's optical art and said: "Coupland's images of jumpers and of the ultimate boogeyman, Bin Laden, remind us of how deep inside us those images are lodged". We are always going to remember. But in some ways we don't need to remember any more: it's all being stored, for however long forever is, in our external hard drives.