This summer Phillips, Tumblr and Paddle8 unite to present Paddles ON! in London, an exhibition and auction showcasing artists using digital technologies in their artistry. Curator Lindsay Howard has selected artists that will establish the next generation of contemporary art. “Digital art is a true reflection of the contemporary age. From 3D printed self-portraits to architectural renderings in Google Earth, from digital paintings to artworks composed by algorithms, the artists examine the ways in which experience is now thoroughly shaped by digital technologies.”  says Howard.


In October 2013, Paddles ON! launched as the first exclusively digital art auction at a major international auction house, representing a bridge between the worlds of art and technology and in the forefront in introducing this e,erging artform to the secondary market.  Selling 92% by value and 80% by lot nearly 500 people attended the live auction at Phillips’s New York headquarters. Spearheaded by curator Lindsay Howard, Curatorial Fellow at Eyebeam and Curatorial Director of 319 Scholes and recently included in Complex's list 'Young Curators You Should Know About,' this collection is the second digital art auction at Phillips, and the first in the UK, in recognition of the increasing viability of this work in the contemporary art marketplace.


Artists included in the sale are: Majed Aslam, James Bridle,Laura Brothers, Dora Budor, Maja Cule, Harm van den Dorpel, Jeanette Hayes, Luis Hidalgo, Sophie Kahn, Sara Ludy, Jonas Lund, Michael Manning, Alexandria McCrosky, Yuri Pattison, Hannah Perry,Heather Phillipson, Evan Roth, Harry Sanderson, Michael Staniak, Oliver Sutherland, Quayola, Amalia Ulman, and Yung Jake.

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