Art from over 160 galleries from 15 countries will come to Beijing for the event, which runs from April 30 to May 1 for members of the public. One way in which the fair promotes the Asian diaspora is through the Find program. This part of the fair brings together emerging artists and projects from Asia together with 17 different galleries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Tokyo including EGG Gallery, Hunsand Space, Tong Gallery + Projects, Yamamoto Gendai and URANO.

F9-YAMAMOTO-GENDA-Motohiko-ODANI-Phantom-Lim-153-x-114cm-Laser-print-acrylic-frame-2013 F9-YAMAMOTO-GENDA-Motohiko-ODANI-Phantom-Lim-153-x-114cm-Laser-print-acrylic-frame-2013
B10-Taka-Ishii-Gallery-Nobuyoshi-Araki-Love-on-the-Left-Eye-36.3-x-54.5cm-45.7-x-56cm-Unique-color-photograph-and-color-positive-2014 B10-Taka-Ishii-Gallery-Nobuyoshi-Araki-Love-on-the-Left-Eye-36.3-x-54.5cm-45.7-x-56cm-Unique-color-photograph-and-color-positive-2014

By introducing a variety of artistic forms such as painting, imagery, installations, photography, and graffiti, this will bring to the market new Asian elements and enable collectors to understand and learn about the development of Asian art.

The ASIA plus section of the fair will be divided into two parts: Asian Galleries with an international presence and themed exhibitions, which rely on galleries in China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

A23-LINE-GALLERY-Liang-Hao-Two-genaration-150-x-200cm-Oil-on-canvas-2016 A23-LINE-GALLERY-Liang-Hao-Two-genaration-150-x-200cm-Oil-on-canvas-2016
A25-Triumph-Art-Space-Fang-Lijun-2013-3016122-x-163cm-Colored-woodcut-2016 A25-Triumph-Art-Space-Fang-Lijun-2013-3016122-x-163cm-Colored-woodcut-2016

These exhibitors will present the diversity of Asia's artistic forms. As part of ASIA plus, 7 Chinese and Japanese artists, including Wu Jian’an, Takahiro Iwasaki and Kishio Suga, who have all been invited to have their works exhibited at La Biennale di Venezia 2017. Also making an appearance will be Ji Dachun, Liu Xiaodong, Motohiko Odani and Wang Qingsong, whose works have already been exhibited at La Biennale di Venezia.

Art Beijing will be held at National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing and will be open to the public from April 30 to May 1, with the VIP view by invitation only taking place on April 29. See here for more information.