"Our Insights sector is a prime example, with many solo exhibitions of individual artists, and specially curated thematic material. The main Galleries sector will feature more solo booths, and galleries will be showing artists that are not usually presented in a fair — in a sense, it will be more historical."

"I think it's great that important movements like Mono-ha, Gutai, and Dansaekhwa are represented, but the greater depth this year is important as well."

The Encounters part of the fair this year, which has been curated by executive director of Artspace in Sydney, Alexie Glass-Kantor.

The Encounter section will feature 16 works by artists including Brook Andrew, Hans Berg and Nathalie Djurberg, Roberto Chabet, Chen Zhen, Isa Genzken, Kyungah Ham, Richard Maloy, Tintin Wulia, Tromarama, and Keiji Uematsu.

Alexie Glass-Kantor commented that the section has "been created as a direct response to exploring what an 'encounter' is or could become," encouraging audience to interact with the piece.

The scope of Asian art on offer will include Tadasu Takamine who has never been presented at a fair, as well as Kimiyo Mishima's ceramic sculptures represented by MEM; Martin Wong shown at PPOW Gallery; and Ni Haifeng at Pearl Lam Galleries.

Half of the 239 galleries are from the Asia-Pacific region.

Watch highlights from the 2015 edition here.

[youtube id="-greICEYLvA"]

Asian artists will be presented in Insights and will include Australia's Michael Cook, China's Guan Xiao, Yu Honglei represented by Shanghai's Antenna Space, and Japan's Tadasu Takamine and Arataniurano.

The Film section of the fair has been curated by Li Zhenhua and has been made in collaboration with the Hong Kong Arts Center with screenings being held at Art Basel, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

The façade of the fair will have a 490 meter high work by Japanese artist Tatsuo Miyajima entitled Time Waterfall, which features a cascade of numbers poetically falling to represent the never-ending nature of life.

Art Basel Hong Kong, will take place from March 24-26, 2016. For more information, see here.