The Germans lots include a very rare rapier from the 16th century, a German staff dagger with a wheel-lock pistol from the second quarter of the 17th Century and a south German wheel-lock rifle with inlays of Hans Ruhr 17th century.

In the Oriental and African weapons and armor section are a silver trimmed, indopersischer Khula-Khud helm of the 18th century and an elegant, jade and silver squatters dagger from Turkey, from the mid-19th century.

Among the firearms there are a few highlights from France, Spain and Russia, such as a French double-barreled shotgun with the signature "Cousin au Chateau de Rambouillet" and a wheel-lock rifle Martin Hoeder from Russia, late 17th century.

Interesting headgear, powder flasks and Japanese weapons are going under the gavel. An extraordinary piece is the Do-Maru armor with early Kabuto from Japan, third quarter 19th century. A truly unmissable auction!

The catalog for Czerny's International Auction House can be found here.