This vase dating from the fourth decade of the 5th century BC, features painted black figures depicting a mythological scene. On the left, is the famed soldier of the Trojan War, Agamemnon alongside his son Orestes and king of Mysia, Telephus.

An array of bronze helmets from the archaic periods are also part of the sale. This bronze helmet from the 5th century BC, certified from the acclaimed collection of Axel Guttmann, promises to attract many collectors eager for a real piece of history.

This piece is a copy of the legendary Scythian bow used by equestrian nomads who lived in the colonies of Eurasia from the fifth to the third century BC. It comes from the collection of expert, connoisseur and virtuoso Karl Zeilinger (1944-2014.)

For Prussian history enthusiasts, a medal of honour of the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg (1620-1688) is a real conversation piece. A German medieval helmet from the 17th century, a Sino-Tibetan bronze dagger adorned with precious stones and a sword that belonged to Prince Henry of Prussia (1862-1929) are all real treasures that are sure to excite history buffs.

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