Human Flow will be streamed via Amazon after it first has its premier at the Venice International Film Festival at the end of August.

The film largely focuses on the Greek island Levsos and will feature interviews with those living in 40 refugee camps in over 20 countries. The plight of refugees is something that resonates with Weiwei, who spent time both detained in and exiled from his native home of China. ''I have been put in the same kind of situation and it’s very possible it can happen to me again. This is the reality,'' said Weiwei.

[youtube id="rWgC5pCR1AE"]

''Human Flow is a personal journey, an attempt to understand the conditions of humanity in our days,'' explained Ai Weiwei. ''The film is made with deep beliefs in the value of human rights. In this time of uncertainty, we need more tolerance, compassion and trust for each other since we all are one. Otherwise, humanity will face an even bigger crisis.''