Just 13 minutes long, Anderson's Hotel Chevalier depicts a man and a woman having a conversation in a hotel, with the leads played by Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman.

The striking use of yellow is beautiful whilst simultaneously having the air of a horror-movie-esque hotel.

And grand it is indeed. The set in The Grand Budapest Hotel pushes the narrative and is more than just a backdrop to this tongue-in-cheek crime drama. The wonderfully kitsch decor makes this one of Anderson's most visually stunning movies.

The Tenenbaums home in the 2001 movie is as eccentric as the family. The dark and rich colors wonderfully compliment each characters individual style.

The tale of three brothers ill-fated trip across India is saturated with color. Anderson captures the colors of the sub-continent with such vibrancy it is as if the whole set has been painted with holi powder paint.

The-Restaurant-–-Castello-Cavalcantti The-Restaurant-–-Castello-Cavalcantti

Anderson's Castello Cavalcanti is 8 minutes of retro bliss. Anderson favorite Jason Schwartzman stars as an unsuccessful race car driver who crashes his car in an Italian village. Financed by Prada, it's no wonder the movie is a pure delight of Italian style nostalgia.

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