Fischl's piece Tumbling Woman, 2002, evokes the haunting images of office workers who made the decision to jump from the tower in an attempt to survive, or at least meet their end another way.

He told The Art Newspaper: ''It was something that was so terrifying to witness and it spoke directly to how horrible it must have been for the victims, that they would choose one form of death over another.''

The Blue Man Group have produced a short film which features papers, letters, business forms and personal notes flutter through the air, inspired by the scraps of paper that blew from the World Trade Center into the yard of their rehearsal space in Brooklyn during the attacks.

Another video which will feature in the exhibition is Colleen Mulrenan MacFarlane's ''daughter, sept. 13.'' The piece captures the return home of Mulrenan MacFarlane’s father after three days of working around the clock at Ground Zero. Her father, James F. Mulrenan, was a deputy fire chief of the New York City Fire Department on September 11. The piece focuses on Mulrenan MacFarlane’s hands washing her father’s shirt. The soundtrack includes exchanges based on his radio transmissions at the site.

Rendering the Unthinkable: Artists Respond to 9/11 will run from September 12. See here for more information.