To start with, Atelier of Art was a marketing and communication agency, we had the opportunity to meet and work closely with several artists, collectors and art dealers. Entering the art market was the next logical step.

What does the term “art” mean to you?

Art is anything you can reinterpret through your senses. We believe that art is life: that it has always conveyed fascination, emotion and passion.

What kind of art do you sell?

Atelier of Art deals with antiques, antique paintings, paintings from the 19th and 20th century, glasses and pottery, religious items, modern and contemporary art. Atelier of Art is also the only dealer for the artist Vanda Daminato, who receives wide critical acclaim. She has exhibited her works in many important, international museums. Her followers include important collectors from the United States, United Arab Emirates, Europe and Russia.

What does Atelier of Art offer clients?

At Atelier of Art, we are able to offer our clients -directly or through selected partners- support for the setting-up of exhibitions and cultural events, intermediation and buying/selling of works of art. We also provide appraisals, to help clients with administrative aspects as exportation papers, transportation, full coverage insurances, as well as rental of works of art for advertising, television and cinema sets.

Which was the most expensive object that was at Atelier of Art?

The garden of FinziContini, 1998, Daminato is a very important piece we have sold. It was sold to a private collector in the Emirates for for € 110 000.


Is their a piece in your current collection that is particularly exciting?

Atelier of Art chooses its works and object carefully, it’s up to the collector to fall in love with one of them.

What is your view on the online art market?

We believe that internet is a necessary tool to promote and sell work of arts.

All Atelier of Art pieces featured can be found on Barnebys. Check out more from Atelier of Art on Barnebys here.