In an outrageous twist to an already surreal story, one occupant of the elevator requested to be punched in the face by LaBeouf. In the audio of the stream, the man can be heard saying: "I'm a performance artist. Can you help me with completion of my next piece by punching me in the face?"

To which the actor replied, "Oh man - you want me to punch you in the face?"

"I don't want to punch you very hard. I don't like doing it to you dude. I just met you."

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It's not a secret that the Transformers star in recent years has turned his back on Hollywood for grittier roles and his art projects. Check out 6 of LaBeouf's performance projects.


In February 2014, LaBeouf staged his first project at the Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles. Entitled #IAMSORRY, the title of which was most likely inspired by his love for technological communications - the actor has the three dots you see on an iPhone when someone is texting you tattooed on his hand.

For #IAMSORRY, LaBeouf posed with a paper-bag over his head. Fans and art-enthusiasts were invited to spend time one-on-one with the actor. The project took a dark turn as LaBeouf claimed he was sexually assaulted by a female during the piece.

I am not famous anymore

In 2014, LaBeouf wore a paper bag to the premiere of Lars von Trier's controversial movie Nymphomaniac. Following a claim that LaBeouf had plagiarised the footballer Eric Cantona, LaBeouf took to the red carpet with a paper-bag on his head that read 'I am not famous anymore.'

Prior to the premiere, LaBeouf attended a press conference with fellow actors Christian Slater and Uma Thurman. When asked about his decision to take part in a movie with a large number of sex scenes, LaBeouf replied with the perplexing statement: "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much." Before exiting the conference leaving the panel and audience confused.


In September 2014, dressed in purple running leggings, LaBeouf ran around Amsterdam's Stedelijk museum 144 times. Inside the museum, a 'marathon' conference was taking place, which Hendrik Folkerts, the Stedelijk museum's public curator, explained was exploring how the world would be perceived by children of the 1980's if they had the same social media and cult of the celebrity as we do today.


In a performance which echoed the same endurance as David Blaine's performance magic, LaBeouf took a seat at the Angelika Film Center in Greenwich Village, New York, to watch all 27 films he had ever starred in. The performance took LaBeouf 60 hours, as he watched the movies back-to-back in reverse-chronological order. In partnership with LaBeouf's art team LaBeouf, Rönkö & Turner, LaBeouf was filmed and live-streamed throughout the 60 hours.

Sia 'Elastic Heart' video

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In 2015, singer-songwriter Sia released the video for her single 'Elastic Heart.' It was the second time 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler starred in a Sia video. Previously, the Dance Moms reality star, had wowed audiences when she danced in Sia's 'Chandelier' video. In the controversial video for 'Elastic Heart,' LaBeouf and Ziegler performed a dance which saw them wrestling, which Maddie described as: ''it wasn't like we were actually dancing together because we were fighting each other. We were battling." The video, which took place in a cage, represented both sides of Sia'a personality, but sparked outrage as some viewers interpreted the video to have connotations of pedophilia. Sia later apologised to any fans that were upset by the video.


From LA to Liverpool, in December 2015, LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner's #TOUCHMYSOUL project saw LaBeouf take calls from the public. At any one time during the piece, 70 audience members could look on as LaBeouf and artists Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, took calls to which they answered with "how can you touch my soul?"

We can't wait to see what Labeouf pulls out of the (paper) bag next!