''The important thing for us and the Olympic Games is to show Brazil as it is, with the colors, with the brightness, with the beauty of the mixture of people that we have here.''

''one artist couldn’t accurately represent the more than 200 million walks of life that call the South American host country home.''

The 12 chosen Brazilian artists are Gringo Cardia, Antônio Dias, Gustavo Greco, Kobra, Guto Lacaz, Rico Lins, Juarez Machado, Alexandre Mancini, Beatriz Milhazes, Gustavo Piqueria, Ana Clara Schindler, Claudio Tozzi. Olga de Amaral, who has created Umbra A- Rio, is the only non-Brazilian artist commissioned to design a poster.

The posters will be displayed at Deodoro Olympic Park for the duration of the games. At the closing of the games they will be distributed to Rio's schools.