Vytautus Kasiulis (1918-1995) Lithuania

Lithuanian artist Vytautus Kasiulius spent his early life surrounded by artistic influence, his father being the painter Matas Kasiulis. With his talents being recognized from an early age, Kasiulis' career as an artist flourished; he studied at the Kaunus Art School, going on to become a tutor at the school until 1944. The artist's progress was suddenly halted after he was captured by Nazi forces and driven into slave labour until his eventual escape to Paris. After a period of artistic stagnancy, Kasiulis was able to fully develop his style in the bohemian French capital. The influences of Kasiulis vary from the impressionism of Degas to the caricature of Daumier, combined with bright, explosive colours and expressive brushstrokes. Kasiulis' striking works resulted in worldwide recognition and acclaim for the artist; since his death in 1995, pieces by the Lithuanian have been sold frequently by dealers and at auction.

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