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Tino Sehgal (1976-) Germany

Tino Sehgal is a German-British artist with some Indian heritage who is active in Berlin.
Sehgal studied political economy and dance before he began working as an artist in 2000. Sehgal uses the human body with language, voice, and movements in his works, which he calls “constructed situations” that often involve several people who follow his instructions. The work is in the moment and subsequently exists solely in the memory of the viewer, with no documentation. Sehgal’s works are staged on-site by actors and dancers who intermingle with the audience.
Sehgal represented Germany at the 2005 Venice Biennale. In Sweden his work has been featured at Way Out West, Moderna Museet, Magasin 3, and Göteborgs Konsthall.