Roj Friberg (1934-) Sweden

Roj Friberg is a Swedish painter, graphic artist and scenographer. Friberg began his artistic studies at Slöjdföreningens Skola (now the School of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg and later at the Valand School of Fine Art. Friberg uses unorthodox techniques to give expression to his artistry. He enjoys mixing graphic arts, drawing and painting and uses unconventional tools such as dental drills. Many of Friberg’s work are close to both photography and film in expression and can be executed on specially prepared canvases; for example, painted or etched. Friberg has also worked extensively with scenography and has worked with director Alf Sjöberg and the Cullberg Ballet.
Friberg’s work is represented at many of Sweden's major museums and he has also created many public works, including at Östra Hospital in Gothenburg.

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