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Patek Philippe Watces

In 1851, two watchmakers from Poland and France joined creative forces with the aim of producing innovative timepieces; today, the vision of Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe is a global brand, considered to be one of the most prestigious watchmakers. Since the early days of the company, Patek Philippe watches have been favoured by celebrities and royalty, with two of the earliest notable clients being Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Patek Philippe has offered watches with some of the most incredible technological features and stunning designs which have been sold for unprecedented amounts at auction. In 2014, the 1933 'Henry Graves Supercomplication' - an extremely complex pocket watch created for American banker Henry Graves - sold for a record-breaking $24 million in an auction at Sotheby's. The 'Perpetual Calendar Chronograph' is one of the brand's most iconic models, offering classic design and simplified mechanics. The 'Nautilus' collection - a line of steel-cased sports watches - was introduced in 1976, and can often be seen on the wrist of actor Brad Pitt.

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